A short update before the end of the world

Okay, in case the Mayans were right and our world will end in four days, here’s a short update that will hopefully make your last days a little bit more happy!

First of all, Caudal played their debut live show at Antje Øklesund in Berlin two days ago, and Aidan just posted an audience recording of the concert:

The track listing is as follows, and all tracks will be included on the upcoming release:
1. Scrimshaw
2. Threever
3. River’s Edge
4. Forever In Another World

The test pressings for Parallel Lines‘ “White Fur /// Black Cathedral” have been ordered and the artwork should arrive soon. So let’s hope the Mayans were wrong, because both albums will be absolutely fantastic!

New release by Parallel Lines ( /// ) + some changes in schedule

Hello everyone,

a few weeks ago I was contacted by Eric Quach, known as the guy behind thisquietarmy, destroyalldreamers, and other great projects. He asked me if I were interested in releasing the new album by Parallel Lines ( /// ), a Drone/Shoegaze improvisation project started in 2009, in which he is joined by Ryan Ferguson (Sianspheric, Electroluminescent) on synthesizers, and Pascal Asselin (Below The Sea, Millimetrik) on drums. Unfamiliar with this project, I gave the album a listen and instantly agreed. This is a fantastic piece of cosmic, hypnotizing Drone, fully improvised in a cathedral!

The album – called “White Fur /// Black Cathedral” – is dedicated to polar bears and all profits will be donated to Polar Bears International. More information plus a link to the Parallel Lines bandcamp page can be found in the release section.

As this album is already finished, it will be the first release on Oaken Palace Records, resulting in some changes in the release schedule. Here’s an overview with some rough release dates:

OAK-001: Parallel Lines – White Fur /// Black Cathedral (January 2013)
OAK-002: Caudal – Forever In Another World (February/March 2013)
OAK-003: Nadja – Flipper (April/May 2013)
OAK-004: Sylvester Anfang II – yet untitled (tba)
OAK-005: Plurals – yet untitled (tba)