Parallel Lines – White Fur /// Black Cathedral up for pre-order!

Finally, the first release on Oaken Palace Records is available for pre-order!
Official release date of Parallel Lines’ “White Fur /// Black Cathedral” is 8th of February. If you don’t want to wait that long, grab one of only 8 test pressings now!

Remember: All profits will be donated to Polar Bears International. The more records are sold, the more will be donated, so head over to the store and make this project fly!

Many thanks to Parallel Lines for making this release possible. You are true pioneers!

Label Interview & Review

Head over to THEPOSTROCK to read a label interview and the first review of the upcoming Parallel Lines /// album! And in case your German is a little bit rusty, they have an 8-minute excerpt from “Black Cathedral” for you to listen to – so let the music speak for itself!

By the way, here’s the stunning artwork for “White Fur /// Black Cathedral”, created by Eric Quach himself: