Caudal: A Ziesel’s Dream

Just one week after our first donation, I am happy to report that Caudal‘s debut album Forever In Another World is also making profit. Our favourite kraut-droners have dedicated their album to the Ziesel (European ground squirrel), so we donated €380 (£300 / $515) to Zieselschutz, the protection fund of the Austrian Union for Nature Preservation. The money will be used to protect existing habitats, and to create new habitats for the Ziesel all over Austria.

Following in the footsteps of Nadja’s Flipper, this means that every purchase of Forever In Another World via our webshop is equivalent to a donation of £12 (minus PayPal fees) to Zieselschutz. So go ahead and get a copy, if you don’t own one yet! And while you’re at it, make sure to get the Parallel Lines and Plurals LPs as well, so that we can soon start donating for polar bears and bees as well.

Thanks again to all of you who support Oaken Palace Records!

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Nadja – Flipper: First Donation!

It makes me incredibly happy to report that last Sunday, roughly one year after the release of Nadja’s Flipper, we donated £300 to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation! We made this donation in form of an adpotion of an orca named Holly, as wished by Aidan and Leah.

As almost every small independent label, we went through some hard times and serious doubts since the label was founded, and this is why it makes me even more happy to see that the unique concept of Oaken Palace Records is working out. This would not have been possible without YOU, all the people who bought our releases, read and spread album reviews, etc. – a massive thank you to you all!

From now on, each purchase of a Flipper LP equals a direct donation of £12 (minus PayPal fees) to the WDC. So if you have not bought a copy yet, head over to the shop and help us to raise even more money for the protection and conservation of whales and dolphins!

All the best,

Founder & Main Trustee

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The Sleeping Shaman premieres Guru Overload artwork

The guys from The Sleeping Shaman have just unveiled the cover artwork for Eternal Tapestry’s forthcoming album Guru Overload, together with its tracklist and some additional information. Check out the article by clicking here.

If you are too lazy to switch to their homepage, you can also find the artwork, featuring a photograph by A.J. Sullivan and some great calligraphy by Luke Buser, below:


ETAP - Guru Overload Front


ETAP - Guru Overload Back