Charitable Status

Oaken Palace Records has been granted the status of Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) by the UK Charities Commission on 28th November 2013. Our charity number is 1154786, and further information can be found in the Register of Charities.

The objects of Oaken Palace Records are:
(1) The advancement of the art of Drone Metal music by the production and distribution on recordings in this genre;
(2) The conservation of endangered species of animals by the provision of grants.

Oaken Palace Records currently has four trustees, with two trustees taking care of day-to-day business:

Dr. Sven Lohrey
Dr. Owen Coggins
Dr. Jakob Stollberger
Dr. Kristin Hildenbrand

If you want to get involved in any way, send an email to contribute[at]

Below you can find the Trustees’ Annual Reports for the respective year, as submitted to the UK Charity Commission:

Trustees’ Annual Report 2014

Trustees’ Annual Report 2015

Trustees’ Annual Report 2016

Trustees’ Annual Report 2017

Trustees’ Annual Report 2018

Charity Registration Certificate