More than 40,000 species are currently endangered by human development. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, over the past five years more than 2,000 species were added to the ever growing list of beings that are facing extinction. Given these massive threats to the biodiversity on our planet, new ways of raising environmental awareness beyond environmental interest groups are needed.

Music, at least in its non-mainstream form, has always been a channel to communicate alternative views, radical ideas, and revolutionary messages – including the fostering of environmental awareness. A growing number of pioneer bands of the underground rock scene are subsequently starting to voice environmental concerns, and communicate their love for nature and animals through lyrics, artwork, and instrumentation. However, these bands were so far limited to releasing their music on common for-profit record labels, which to some extent undermines the message they want to convey.

Oaken Palace Records offers these bands the opportunity to release their output in a way that actively supports their vision of a better world for all beings. Being 100% charitable, the label functions as a social enterprise that donates all its profits to environmental organizations of the bands’ choice. In addition, bands dedicate their releases to an endangered animal of their choice, which further increases the arising of environmental awareness by focusing on specific species and their story. Last but not least, customers are left with the feeling of having contributed to a good cause and consuming responsibly.

And this is how it works in detail:

  • Participating artists/bands choose an animal from the IUCN redlist of endangered species or a habitat that is endangered by human development. Their record will then be dedicated to this animal or habitat;
  • The record will then be produced, using a production process that is as environmentally friendly as possible. This means 100% recycled sleeves, non-toxic printing colors, carbon-zero vinyl pressing, etc.;
  • All profits generated from selling the records will be used to support a specific environmental organization that is officially registered as a charity. Oaken Palace Records and its trustees will never profit personally from the sales.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to ask[at]
If you are a band/an artist and want to contribute, write to contribute[at]