Lots of new donations!

Fellow Psychonauts,

I am delighted to inform you that over the last weeks we were able to make some massive donations, thanks to your continued support!

Starting with Caudal, we donated another €450 to the Ziesel protection fund of the Austrian Union for Nature Preservation, increasing the total amount of donations made to €830. Have a look at the fantastic donation certificate (click to enlarge):

NOE Donation 2

Next, we donated another £550 of profits from Nadja’s Flipper to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. £200 went towards our existing adoption of the orca Holly, and the remaining £350 will be used to save the critically endangered New Zealand dolphins (click to enlarge):

WDC Donation 2WDC Donation 3

Finally, Eternal Tapestry’s fantastic new album Guru Overload has already covered cost and is making quite some profit, so we made a big first donation of £500 to the Orangutan Foundation. The special thing is that we did this during this year’s The Big Give challenge, and the donation got matched and doubled to £1000! Here is the Thank You letter we received (click to enlarge):

Orangutan Foundation Donation


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