Merzbow – Kakapo

Just in time for the weekend we’re thrilled to announce the next release on Oaken Palace Records: Introducing our all-new Black Series, Noise-mastermind Merzbow will contribute one massive, sprawling, noisy drone, spanning over both sides of the record, ready and willing to grill your synapses!

You can read more about the release and the new Black Series in an extensive interview for Echoes and Dust, which was published earlier this week – click here to read.

Merzbow has named his album after the Kakapo, an almost extinct, flightless parrot endemic to New Zealand – less than 125 of these beautiful and archaic birds are left, and we are particularly happy about his choice. All proceeds will be donated to Kakapo Recovery.

Artwork, tracklist, and more info will be revealed soon – stay tuned! For now, here’s a video that will give you a good idea of why the Kakapo is maybe not as evolutionary successful as other species:

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