KakapoMerzbow Kakapo front

500 copies on 140g Kakapo-green vinyl, housed in a 100% sustainable card sleeve. An additional 20 test pressing copies on black vinyl, housed in hand-crafted sleeves with alternative artwork, were available exclusively on this website. Both editions come with a free download code.

A – Kakapo Pt. 1 (16:42)
B – Kakapo Pt. 2 (16:03)


The Artist:

Incomparable noise legend Merzbow releases a dense, flailing black hole of a droning noise track, 33 minutes spread over two sides of green vinyl. Aside from several very limited releases and multiple adventurous collaborations, it’s the first full Merzbow record to be released on vinyl for a couple of years.

Starting with an intense machine hum, “Kakapo” then shrieks, stutters and wails while maintaining the all-obliterating industrial drone. Amidst electronic solar flares and insect metal clanging, it’s a harsh curtain of endless crushing, rumbling immersion. Simultaneously soothing and wild, machinelike and warm (depending on the settings of your drone antennae), it’s a rare and strange creature, like the endangered bird that the album raises money to protect.


The Animal: Kakapo (Strigops habroptilus)

Sumatra orangutan

Having advocated for animal rights and environmental issues for years, Merzbow dedicates this release to the Kakapo, a flightless parrot native to New Zealand whose total population is sadly below 200. Profits will be donated to the Kakapo Recovery Trust.


Oct. 2016: NZ$ 500 to Kakapo Recovery

Dec. 2016: NZ$ 1000 to Kakapo Recovery