Oaken Palace Label Shirt

It’s been months in the making, but now you can finally buy the very first Oaken Palace label shirt in our shop! The shirt colour is a beautiful dark pine-green with white print. Artwork by Wired To The Moon, who also designed the label logo.

We will collect pre-orders until 5th June, and then decide on the total amount of shirts that will be produced. So if you want to make sure that you will get a shirt in your size, we strongly recommend pre-ordering a shirt before 5th June. The shirts will arrive approximately three weeks later, on 26th June.

All shirts are made from certified 100% organic cotton, produced by an ethically accredited and wind-powered factory. The profits will this time be donated to Wildlife SOS, an Indian environmental organization that has embarked on the ambitious project to free all remaining circus elephants in India. Due to long lawsuits, this will cost millions of dollars, and we want to contribute to this great cause. Read more about the project here, and the great story of their last rescue here.


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