Limited edition of 500 on 140g space-black vinyl.
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Blown Out are heavy. Blown out are psychedelic. Rolling basslines, waster infused guitar freakouts, everything held together by steady freeform rhythms. Psychedelic noodling at its finest, which will catapult you straight into deep space – how you get back is up to you!

Blown Out features members of the mighty BONG, 11Paranoias, Haikai No Ku, Drunk In Hell, Khunnt, and Pigs Pigs Pigs, creating a Power Trio with roots in Drone, Psychedelic, and Doom/Sludge.

A – Transcending Deep Infinity (20:19)
B – Thousand Years In The Sunshine (16:01)

Blown Out have dedicated their album to the Aye-aye, a lemur that can only be found on Madagascar. It is the world’s largest nocturnal primate, and is characterized by its unusual method of finding food: It taps on trees to find grubs, then gnaws holes in the wood using its forward slanting incisors to create a small hole in which it inserts its narrow middle finger to pull the grubs out. You can find more info about this animal on the release page.


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