Limited edition of 100 clear frosted tapes with artwork stickers, housed in Maltese cross boxes made from recycled card. Comes with download code.

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Oaken Palace Records proudly presents What Makes Them Burn, the debut recording by CIGVË (French for hemlock; referencing the poison taken by Socrates after his conviction for impiety). This is a solo guitar project of Catherine G., half of experimental duo M[[O]]ON.

What Makes Them Burn explores different angles of droning electric guitar, while retaining a deep yet mercurial connection. The recording consists of six delicatedly sketched vignettes on timbre and tone: the rasping, wavering opener “Deleatur” gives way to the elusive chime of “Retreat”; the rough, wavering insistence in “Of Common Purgation” is countered with a seesawing sombre lilt in “Thalassomancy”; the inky billowing of “Ménandre” drifts, finally, into the title track’s grainy development from plaintive shadowy stutter to a staticky, energetic tension.

Cigvë dedicates this release to the critically endangered Blue-Eyed Ground Dove (Columbina cyanopis) and all proceeds from tape sales will be donated to its conservation and protection.

All sounds made by solo electric guitar and effects. Recorded live in a tiny basement in Paris by Dario Rudy (Bruant Zizi). Artwork and design by François Vesin

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