thisquietarmy – Insect Kingdom CS

I have decided to add cassettes as a format to the label in order to allow less well-known artists and bands to contribute to the cause of Oaken Palace Records, while at the same time keeping costs relatively low to increase the likelihood of donations.

The first artist to release a cassette on Oaken Palace Records doesn’t need a lengthy introduction, though. If you are even remotely interested in Drone music, you will have come across his name several times. I am talking, of course, about thisquietarmy!

“Insect Kingdom” is a live recording that was part of the series “les siestes musicales au royaume des insectes” at Espace pour la vie in Montreal. The profits made from selling this release will be used towards the protection and conservation of insects.

This release will be limited to 100 copies housed in a recycled card sleeve. More info soon!

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