White Fur /// Black Cathedral out now!

The first release on Oaken Palace Records is finally out, and it turned out absolutely fantastic! On time for the official release on 8th of February, OMG Vinyl published the first English review of Parallel Lines’ “White Fur /// Black Cathedral”. This is what they have to say:

“On White Fur /// Black Cathedral, the group traces a slow-moving trajectory into twin pulsars of improvised sound. Guitar, synths and drums propel a gradual drift past calming vistas of cosmic proportions. Definitely a set for the armchair crowd, and infinitely enjoyable via the nuances of analog sound.”

Read the full review here.

All pre-orders have been shipped and should be with you soon. Thanks again for your support, which came from all around the world – amongst others, we had orders from Finland, Germany, the USA, and even Australia!


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